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Our Trains

Unless otherwise specified, all our trains will be formed of traditional spacious carriages with ample leg-room and comfortable seating areas. Further specific information about our trains can be found within this section.

Seating – Standard Class

Our standard class carriages, of a traditional British Rail design with seating being around tables of four seats. One or two toilets are usually available in all carriages.

Seating – First Class

Most of our trains convey First Class carriages and will be available as advertised. For a “bit extra” our First Class carriages offer more comfortable seats – wider than those in standard class with more leg room, with tables, curtains, and often with personal roof lights or table lamps, in a more relaxing and tranquil environment.

Seating – Premier Dining

Includes all the luxuries of First Class, with inclusive gourmet meal(s) prepared by our on board chefs. Meals are provided to a set menu and will feature a full Breakfast in the morning and full four course dinner on the return.

Seating – Disabled Passengers

We are more than happy to accommodate passengers with special needs connected to mobility or other disability on most of our trains. Please advise us in advance of any assistance you may require, such as help with boarding and alighting from the train, access to a ramp and so on – so as we can discuss it with you and offer you any assistance on the day if needed as well as to allocate you the most appropriate seating.

Catering Facilities

We are normally able to offer a range of catering and refreshment facilities on our trains, specific details are displayed within the itinerary for each individual tour.

Personal Belongings

Whilst on board you remain responsible for all personal belongings you have brought with you and the safe stowage of these. Overhead luggage racks are normally available and often space between seat backs and in luggage rack areas at the end of the carriage. When we are at our destination you may leave personal belongings aboard the train at your own risk (although please take anything valuable with you).

The train is usually locked after passengers alight at the destination and usually goes to local sidings/depot for the period of our stay. Please do not leave luggage and personal belongings in the aisle or door entrances as this causes an obstruction and can prevent movement through-out the train.

Tickets and Information

Tickets and detailed itinerary which would include final timings will be sent to passengers who have booked in advance around one week before the trip.


Locomotives for this years tours will mostly be supplied from the West Coast Railway Company fleet based at Carnforth.

Most tours are scheduled to be diesel hauled except our ”Steam Special” programme of trains which are scheduled to feature Steam Locomotive Haulage.

Unless otherwise stated within the tour program, we do not usually know which locomotives will be operating our tours and they can (in general) be any locomotive from the operator’s fleet.

If a specific locomotives is stated as being on our train, this is subject to availability and may be changed at short notice for operational reasons.