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Welcome to West Coast Railways Charter Trips

We are delighted to present our most exciting selection of UK railtours ever. In all, over fifty day and weekend excursions hauled by vintage diesel or steam, or a combination of both, travelling in carefully restored traditional MK1 carriages. Our Charter Trips Selection starts on Wednesday 13th February with The Glasgow Flyer running from Llandudno Junction. What better way to see the countryside come alive than from the comfort of your luxury carriage?

As a lover of rail travel I am delighted to present this exciting series of tours, taking passengers the length and breadth of our wonderful country. All classes of travel are on offer whether it be standard, first or premier dining, your every need will be met by our very own staff on board every trip and premier dining provided by our own highly skilled team of chefs.

I do hope you enjoy these rail excursions, all carefully planned and chosen all with their own unique experience.

Kind regards,

Reservations Manager