The Jacobite

Classes And Carriages

First Class Open Carriage

Our traditionally furnished First Class carriages allow you to travel in style. First Class Carriage A is an open compartment with private tables for 2 on the left of the carriage and tables for 4 on the right. All tables include the traditional lamp and the upholstered seats are more luxurious with extra leg room. First Class passengers also receive a complimentary tea or coffee on each part of the journey.

First Class Compartment Carriage

First Class Carriage D the 'HP' Compartment Carriage (only available on the morning trip) is a vintage carriage with compartments that seat 6 passengers per compartment. These compartments have a door which leads onto a corridor that runs the full length of the carriage. This will appear on the booking menu as a First Class Compartment booking.

Standard Class Carriage

Our Standard Class carriages offer the steam train experience at exceptional value for money. All our standard class passengers travel in refurbished vintage Mark I or Mark II coaches and will be seated around tables for 4.